How Medical Software Improves Women’s Health Clinics

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How Medical Software Improves Women’s Health Clinics

According to a recent study, women control 80% of healthcare spending and are 33% more likely to see a doctor than men.  With numbers like those, it makes sense for providers specializing in women’s healthcare to ensure the women at their clinics remain satisfied with their quality of care.  After all, better care will lead to more revenue and improved word of mouth!

One of the most surefire ways to improve any women’s health clinic is to invest in technology to better streamline their workflow.  There are options available that will save both these clinics and their patients plenty of time and money.  Here are several ways medical software solutions are designed to aid gynecologists, obstetricians, and other women’s health professionals.

Digital Screeners Save Patients Time

Screeners are important for women to complete before their OB/GYN appointment.  This way, the doctor has a better understanding of the patient’s current condition and medical history.  However, when the screeners are filled out in the waiting room prior to the appointment, this prolongs the patient’s visit, leading to frustrations that might prompt negative reviews.

Digital screeners allow patients to fill out their information prior to even stepping foot in this office.  This results in the patient being able to complete the screeners at a time that’s convenient for them.  For working women with families, having this flexibility is especially helpful.

Improved Documentation of WWE/Annual Exams

Written provider notes have the potential to be messy and lead to inaccuracies.  OB/GYN clinics need a better way to document women’s health exams.  Finding a digital solution that will tie seamlessly into their EHR is an ideal option to modernize any women’s healthcare office.

Electronic documentation will also reduce the clinic’s carbon footprint by reducing or completely eliminating the need for paper.  Not only is this better for the environment, it will also improve your office by preventing piles of clipboards and bulky filing cabinets.

Telemedicine Makes Simple Visits Simpler

If a woman needs a refill on birth control or has questions regarding their current prescription, oftentimes a visit to the doctor’s office is unnecessary.  Because visits to a physical location take valuable hours out of the day, patients are more likely to postpone these time-consuming trips and not get their issues addressed quickly.

If telemedicine is offered at a women’s health clinic, chances are the woman will feel like the appointment is less of a burden.  It’s far easier for a patient to open a laptop and click on a link than to drive all the way to the office, sit in the waiting room, and wait even longer for the doctor to enter the examination room.  For this reason, the convenience of telemedicine is a game changer for most practices!

The Best Medical Software for Women’s Health Clinics

DocResponse has an all-in-one software solution to optimize any clinic dedicated to women’s healthcare.  Here’s how they help:

  • They offer customizable digital screeners, including EPDS and PHQ screeners
  • Electronic documentation tied seamlessly to athenahealth will make WWE and annual exams run smoothly
  • Their single-click telemedicine solution saves valuable time out of a busy patient’s day
  • The software’s time-saving features allow doctors to see 2+ additional patients per day


Regardless of your clinic’s size, DocResponse empowers any gynecologist or obstetrician to better support women’s health.

Schedule a demo today to learn why so many women’s health clinics choose DocResponse!

Dr. Tarek Fahl

Dr. Tarek Fahl

Dr. Tarek Fahl is an acclaimed orthopedic surgeon and CEO of DocResponse. Renowned for his expertise in sports medicine, focusing on advanced shoulder and knee treatments, he’s lauded as one of America’s Top Surgeons, merging medical proficiency with healthcare technology innovation.

Dr. Tarek Fahl

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