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Primary Care Physicians: Why Are They So Important?

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Primary Care Physicians: Why Are They So Important?

Family medicine practices provide valuable preventative care and medical treatment, typically administered by primary care physicians. These types of doctors are vital for many reasons. As much as one-third of all office visits are to a primary care physician, family practices, and internal medicinal doctors. These types of doctors not only see a wide range of patients, but they also have some very real responsibilities. Read below to see some of the main reasons why these doctors are so important.

They Save Time

Having a primary care physician can save a great deal of time for the patient. Whether you are getting sick, need a prescription refill, or require an annual check-up for your school or job, being an established patient means that you can secure an appointment at the doctor’s office on short notice. When visiting family medicine practices or even facilities with multiple doctors located within one building, you can schedule appointments more easily than if you are not a known patient. This is beneficial if you are feeling sick and you need to be seen right away or you’re experiencing ongoing health problems. No one wants to have to wait when they don’t feel good, so having a regular doctor helps you get seen faster and start feeling better sooner.

They Have Access to Medical Records

Having one single doctor you see on a regular basis helps keep all your medical records in just one place. Many doctors’ offices have started using more technology for their records, but having all these records in one place makes your life easier. If your family medicine office already has access to your records and is familiar with your needs, you won’t have to deal with delays or mix-ups. Your doctor will also have easy access to all tests performed and all medicines taken without having to rely on your memory. This can also make for safer prescriptions, as your doctor wil be able to make instant determinations about how medications will interact with one another.

There’ll Be Increased Transparency

When you have one doctor you see, you’ll experience a greater sense of comfort. This tends to lead to more transparency between you and your doctor. You begin to not only feel more comfortable sharing information with your doctor, but after many years they begin to start to get to know you better without you having to share as much. This can improve your mental health and ease medical-related anxiety, among other things.

Early Detection

Having a primary care physician means that they have a better chance at detecting problems early on. When your doctor has access to all of your health information, they can compare data from year to year. This means that any changes or concerns can be immediately noticed and addressed before they become major problems. Early detection means that care can be tailored to help correct issues and problems. Without routine care from family medicine practices, some problems may be left untreated until they are so major that you end up spending significantly more time and money to get them addressed and corrected.

They Can Provide Referrals

When you choose to utilize just one doctor for you medical needs, you are more likely to find the right specialty doctors when you need them. Your primary care physician can refer you to specialty doctors, such as a gynecologist, when you need help finding one. Whether you need a referral because you don’t know any doctors in the area or because insurance requires one, your primary care doctor can assist you with this.

As you can see, getting routine care from one doctor is more beneficial than seeking treatment elsewhere. Electronic document management systems in doctors’ offices can help to keep patient records accurate, organized, and confidential — and you won’t have to rely on your limited knowledge of your own medical history. Your primary care physician serves many benefits, so choosing one doctor to handle the majority of health care needs makes the most sense. Choosing one doctor for your entire family, such as those found at family medicine practices, can save you time when a family member gets sick and needs to be seen. No matter where you go., choosing one doctor should be on the top of your list.

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Dr. Tarek Fahl

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