Your Orthopedic Office Isn’t Efficient without Digital Check-In Software

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Your Orthopedic Office Isn’t Efficient without Digital Check-In Software

Over 40% of doctors, with 50% of them being female, are actually burned out. There are many ways you may feel burned out when it comes to your orthopedic practice.

Do you feel like the flow of patients just seems to get clogged at the front desk? Are your employees over-worked being put to task doing things like checking patients in when their skills could be put to better use? The workflow of your office is going to set the tone for your whole practice, and essentially your day. It is imperative that patient intake is handled better, especially in this world of digital technology.

Try Digital Orthopedic Check-In Software

Part of the problem is the use of paper. It sounds meaningless, handing a clipboard and documents to patients so they can check-in. However, it takes longer to check-in using an antiquated method that wastes paper and time. Paperless digital check-in software can significantly reduce provider data entry and front desk reception duties.

This is especially true when the software has been created by technology experts and board-certified physicians. Patient-entered data is the answer to streamlining your practice so you and your staff deal with less stress and burn-out.

Take Your Orthopedic Practice to the Next Level

Digital orthopedic check-in software is the answer to taking an orthopedic practice to the next level. Using check-in software allows orthopedic offices to collect consent forms and demographic data without using any paper. The data is simple to update, and consent forms are better managed so the experience you offer patients is overall improved.

Top digital orthopedic check-in software ensures that all of the data collected goes straight into the correct EHR fields too. Any emails that need to be sent are also automatically sent to assist with promoting minimal wait times as well as remote compliance.

Save Time Using Medical Check-In Software

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could save time and see more patients? Does taking back what used to be your life sound attractive? That is exactly what you will be able to do with digital orthopedic check-in software in place at your office. Look at a few of the facts.

Using medical software can ensure you see at least two more patients every day while saving eleven minutes per patient’s visits, and enjoying 70% increased clinic efficiency. So essentially you will be improving efficiency, increasing your revenue, empowering a better focus on patients, and reducing overhead and data entry while going paperless. Updating your office has never been easier, and you can request a free trial of digital orthopedic check-in software so you can test it first-hand.

Use Medical Digital Check-In Software You Can Trust

There are many different types of digital check-in software available. You want to make sure you are using the software in which you can rely on. The right orthopedic check-in software allows for better appointment scheduling too. Reduce the amount of document filled filing cabinets housed in your practice and adopt new habits that save you time and money. Digital software allows orthopedic offices to be paperless without any hassle, improves productivity, and can also reduce your carbon footprint.

So What Differentiates the ‘Right’ Software?

The ‘right’ check-in software makes it easy for employees to track information without getting lost in tons of paper. Digital software also makes it much easier to locate information and can save time. Up to 30% of the time spent in an orthopedic office is used trying to find patient information.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all patient information was kept using digital software? Using digital check-in software eradicates the problem most medical offices face when it comes to finding the right information in a timely manner. It even allows your patients to check-in remotely so they can be seen quickly upon arrival. Save your staff and your patient’s time by scheduling a free demo to get started.

Dr. Tarek Fahl

Dr. Tarek Fahl

Dr. Tarek Fahl is an acclaimed orthopedic surgeon and CEO of DocResponse. Renowned for his expertise in sports medicine, focusing on advanced shoulder and knee treatments, he’s lauded as one of America’s Top Surgeons, merging medical proficiency with healthcare technology innovation.

Dr. Tarek Fahl

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