The #1 Patient Scheduling Software for Healthcare Providers

The Better Way To Book Your Patients for a Visit.

Stop chasing no-shows with our medical scheduling software that pre-collects patient information, payment, and sends automated appointment reminders so your patients don’t forget about you last minute.

Say Goodbye to Phone Fatigue.

The modern patient wants simplicity and speed. With DocResponse’s online patient scheduling, ditch long hold times and offer patients the power to book at their convenience. Bring efficiency to both ends of the appointment.

DocResponse makes the process of checking patients in and receiving their information 1000% better. With less paper usage, you can focus more on patients’ needs and less on lost paperwork! It’s easy to use for all age groups.

An OB/GYN Clinic (11 Providers)

User-Friendly Integration of Electronic Health Records

Our office started using DocResponse three weeks ago, and it has been FANTASTIC!!! I have worked in medical offices for the last 20 years, and things have never been this quick and efficient.

An Internal Medicine Clinic (12 Providers)

Seamless EHR Integration for Medical Events on the Calendar.

For every medical appointment scheduled, bidirectional integration with EHRs on our web-based system ensures streamlined processes and fewer administrative hurdles.

Let Patients Schedule Medical Appointments On Their Clock.

Today’s patients seek control and flexibility. Grant them the freedom to book on their device at their chosen time with our appointment scheduling software. Empower your patients while freeing up your staff from scheduling headaches.

DocResponse’s integration with athenahealth has made scheduling appointments nearly effortless! Appointments scheduled in athenahealth are directly populated into the corresponding physician’s DocResponse account. Physicians are able to send reminders to patients prior to their appointment as well as scribe while maintaining visual/audio contact with the patient.

A Multispecialty Clinic (18 Providers)



Patient scheduling software, like DocResponse, is a digital tool that automates the process of booking, managing, and tracking patients’ appointments, enhancing efficiency and patient engagement.

To help patients keep appointments, we send reminders via text, email, or phone calls, offer flexible scheduling options, and provide clear instructions about the appointment details.

Patients often fail to keep appointments due to forgetfulness, scheduling conflicts, transportation issues, fear of medical procedures, or feeling better. To prevent cancellations, a patient management tool like DocResponse can help maintain regular communication, make rescheduling easy, emphasize the importance of appointments for health, and issue penalty policies for last-minute cancellations.

Our digital patient intake forms are intuitive, straightforward, and just like filling out real paper – except on a screen. And with our complimentary software training, your staff is fully equipped to handle any technical difficulties. We also provide written guides and tutorials that you can access 24/7.

Absolutely. DocResponse is designed to work seamlessly with
most major Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems like
AthenaHealth, ensuring uninterrupted workflows.

Need something custom to your practice? Reach out to us and
we’ll explore custom solutions for your organization.

We’ve designed DocResponse to be intuitive, minimizing the learning curve. We also provide in-depth training and resources to ensure your staff feels confident using the platform.
Our dedicated support team is available round-the-clock. Whether it’s a minor query or a technical glitch, your dedicated customer success manager is available to help fix the problem.
DocResponse was specifically designed BY providers, FOR providers to address the shortcomings they experienced with other platforms. Within a short span, some of our tools – like the symptom checker – have earned the distinction of being ranked
#1 by Harvard University. This rapid ascent underscores our commitment to quality and innovation, ensuring you that we’re not only here to stay but are also at the forefront of patient management solutions.

Ready to make patient booking easy? Dive into the future with DocResponse.